Friday, 20 October 2017

Uru Mānuka logo design

This week our class got given the task to design and create 4 logos each and present them to the class.
The logos are for our cluster Uru Mānuka.
I used Google Drawings and Logomaker.
I would really like your feedback on what I did well and what I can improve on and maybe any tips for next time?

Monday, 14 August 2017


Here is my timetable. 
My timetable shows what I have to focus on and what I'm working on that block.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Book Award Day

Today our class went to St Margaret's to see 6 finalists from the NZ Book Awards.
They gave us a description of what the books were about and some read a snippet of the book.
Here are some of the Authors/Illustrators:

Tania Roxborough - She is a children's writer who has written around 25 books.

David Elliot - Is an Award winning Author and Illustrator
who has written and illustrated 7 picture books.

Leonie Agnew - The Impossible Boy
It took 8 years to write this book.

Simon Pollard -  is a successful children’s book author, spider expert and natural history writer.

Jenny Cooper - is an award-winning illustrator of more than 70 children's books.

Des Hunt - Sunken Forest is his book. It is based 60 years ago. It is based on him when he was 13 years. He went to a Summer Camp and Lake Waikaremoana. It is surrounded by bush and has a great walk of NZ.

My favourite author was Des Hunt because I found his description of his book very intriguing and he had a lot of interesting photos about what his book was about.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Netball Zones

Wednesday 2nd August

On Wednesday we had Zones for Netball.
We played at the Rolleston College Netball Courts.
The games started at 10:30 AM.
And each game went for 5 minutes each way.

We had a lot of fun playing our first few games until it started to rain.
It was a lot harder to play while it was raining because the ball was very slippery.
We were meant to have 5 games but only ended up having 4 because the last game was cancelled.

Monday, 24 July 2017

The Holidays

During the school holidays, I stayed at home most of the time. I went to the mall twice but that was about it. 
In the first week it snowed. It snowed all night and morning. The next day my Mum wouldn't let me go outside in the snow with my sister because I was sick.
So I stayed in bed. 

I was sick mainly all holidays so I didn't do much.
On the 19th I went bowling with Hannah, Prudence, Grace, and Bree for Hannah's Birthday. I enjoyed spending time with my friends for the first time all holiday. Later on we went back to Hannah's house and did Karaoke. Then we had dinner; it was a Pizza Cake.
Then we watched a movie. 
We had gotten about 20 minutes into the movie and I ended up getting a migraine so I ended up going home.

The rest of the holidays I spent most of my time in bed sleeping, and listening to music.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Friday Sport

On Friday the 26th of May, our school went to Hornby High for Friday sport. When we got there the Year 5/6 Hockey, Netball, Football, and the Year 7/8 Netball got off. The Year 7/8 Football stayed on the bus because they were playing at Wycola Park.

Our Team (Year 7/8 Netball) had 3 minutes before our game, so we quickly warmed up and got our bibs. We were versing Prebbleton Gems. We then got into our positions to play. We had a very good 1st half, we were winning 7-4 and had a lot of great intercepts. We went off for about 2 minutes, had a drink. I played GA (Goal Attack) and Ariana was GS (Goal Shoot) so we were shooting together. By the time we had finished the game we had won 11-7. Grace got most improved for not passing to Ariana. And I got Player of the day. 
That was our game!

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